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Your Child: Vision Examination or Vision Screening?
What’s the difference between the vision screening your child receives from his or her pediatrician, and the comprehensive vision examination conducted by your optometrist? Click here to learn more about this important element of good health and good learning.

The organization Prevent Blindness America has a good website on the importance of vision exams for children starting or returning to the classroom. Click here to learn about Health Eyes for Healthy Futures.

Your Baby’s Eyes: Free Assessment for Babies 6 – 12 Months
Early testing is key to promoting a lifetime of healthy vision. One in ten children is at risk for vision problems a general well-baby check-up may not detect. At Casco Bay EyeCare, our optometrists offer one-time eye assessments, FREE, as part of the Infant SEE® program of the American Optometric Association.
For more information about the InfantSee program, click here.
And to make an appointment for your baby, call one of our five locations.

Vision USA
If you do not qualify for government aid or private healthcare assistance that covers the cost of comprehensive eye health exams or vision care, VISION USA can help. VISION USA provides basic eye health and vision care services free of charge to uninsured, low-income people and their families. VISION USA was established in 1991 by AOA doctors of optometry who donate their services. To learn more about VISION USA, click here.

Common Eye & Vision Conditions.
Learn more about common vision conditions like myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism with reliable and up-to-date information from the American Optometric Association. Click on the links below for specific information.

Contact Lenses.
Get the facts about contact lenses, the choices in lenses and see which type may be best for you.